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My Mom Advice from My 16-Year Old Self

I found an old journal yesterday from when I was 16. In it, I wrote to my future self advice on what to do when I became a mom.

I remember the passion and desire I had behind wanting these things to be true, because if it was true for me from my mom, it would have changed my childhood, my sisters childhoods, to be more joyful, and have a closer relationship with our mother.

I remember looking ahead to my future self, and saying to her:

“Dear future Olivia, please don’t forget these things. They are so important to me. I know you will be different when you have your kids, older, and you think, wiser. And, you may forget what it was like to be a kid. So I write to you, in hopes you will remember, that what I need as a child is just a few things.”

Some of these line items are very specific to my up-bringing, but others, so basic, it was a good reminder for myself as a mother of 2 now, 20 years later...

Dear future Olivia, when it comes to your kids…

  • Get Mozart tapes
  • Don’t make them make your bed
  • Don’t borrow their clothes
  • Don’t talk about personal experiences such as your periods or sex life
  • Remember the opposite sex is ok, you were there once
  • Don’t feed them alot of junk food
  • Spend time with them
  • Let them have fun with their friends
  • Get involved with school activities
  • Get involved with next door neighbors
  • Help them with their chores
  • Give them hugs and kisses + tuck them into bed
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Be patient
  • Tell them they are smart + they can do anything
  • Show love + appreciation
  • Be firm, not strict
  • Keep it simple
  • Help them follow their dreams
  • Keep them around family
  • Have a sense of humor


  • Name your boy Alex Landon or Michael Landon
  • Name your girl Analeese or Alisha or Alisa or Kyndle


That’s it, life advice from my 16 year old self! Funny thing, our sons name is actually Landon! But I totally had forgotten that I wrote this when we named him!

16-year old Olivia, thank you for your advice. With love, Olivia.

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