It’s Just a Stroller, Any One Will Do

When I had my son, I remember obsessing about what stroller to get, how to decorate his nursery, and the best toys to buy. I’ve always been obsessed with exploring what’s best. I’m a maximizer. I researched strollers until I was blue in the face, and my husband was purple!

I was the mom with 10 strollers, 5 car seats, 245 toys, and still looking to scour the internet and store for every type of item until I came across the very best for my son.

My son going for a walk in his stroller

Only the best fabrics would touch my sons bottom, only the safest crib would hold him, only the best non-gassy bottle would do, only the best developmental toys would be available to him.

Many of my mommy friends encouraged me to start a blog on the best baby products, since I’ve tried them all!

My son is now 3 and we have a little girl who is 18 months. I’ve developed so much as a person and a mom. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my learnings, because I feel I have so much to share. So I’ve finally decided to do it.

You know the crazy part? I’m not going to talk about the products that I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours researching. Nope! There are many bloggers who do that.

And you know what I’ve found in exploring and trying all these products? Pick one, anyone will do.

Every mom, baby and family is unique. Pick one with intention and move on because there is so much more to motherhood than a stroller.

Only advice, If you like hiking, pick the BOB! :)

So, what will I share you ask? I’m going to share on topics that can be left out of our transition into parenthood. I’m going to share the things I’ve learned that apply to all parents, the things I wish I knew before I had my son.

Things that enable growth and development for you and your child. The unseen. The backstage. The guiding principles I’ve found to enable love, light, and vibrancy in you and your child.

I’m still a maximizer, but that of the heart and mind. After all, it’s really just a stroller. Any one will do.

So… it begins.

Designing products & life to bring more joy

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