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How media creates the projection of beauty for our kids

Image curtesy of D23

“Mommy, her waist is smaller than yours and mine” pointing curiously at Snow White.

The inception of positive self-talk.

Image curtesy of Anya Perepelkina

Singing rhythmically, in a 3 year old’s voice — “I am. beeaautifuuuul from my head… to my toes… I am. beeaautifuuuul from my head… to my toes…”

That’s the song I started singing with my 3 year old daughter over a year ago. We sing it dancing in the mirror together. It’s a full on Beyonce moment! We flip our hair swing our hips! Fully clothed and sometimes after her bath.

How I handle the stress of mom life.

Illustration credit: @ann_kenny_art

Being a mom is a full-time job, and overtime is a mandatory requirement. The pressure can be crumbling, if you try to hold it all.

I wish there was an answer. Like in math class. You combine x and y and you get frickin z. With parenting it’s like a pot, you put stuff in, praying, hoping, worrying, that it will come out delicious.

Olivia Batraski

Designing products & life to bring more joy

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